Alert, Low Calorie Diet to Risk of Death

Low Calorie Diet to Risk of DeathAlert, Low Calorie Diet to Risk of Death. Low-calorie diet turned out to be at risk of death, particularly in patients with abdominal pain. It is based on research at the University of Michigan, USA.

As a result, calorie-restricted dieters are more likely to die after being infected with pathogenic bacteria cause inflammation of the colon. In addition, low-calorie diet can also interfere with the ability of the immune system to respond to infection.

“Eating fewer calories makes you more difficult to fight the virus,” said Jenifer Fenton, an assistant professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. He added that, because this is entirely different pathogens, thus caloric intake affects the body’s ability to respond to infection.

Based on experiments with mice, the researchers found calorie-restricted mice, have a higher mortality rate in response to infection with H. hepatices Infection of the large intestine is then causes inflammation, eventually leading to tumor development. This process is known to be more aggressive observed in cases of human colon cancer.

This study suggests obesity that related inflammation, can cause inflammatory bowel diseases such as colitis.

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