Burn Fatter, Exercising before breakfast

Burn Fatter, exercising before breakfastTo Diet – Burn Fatter, exercising before breakfast! According to recent research, people who like to get up early to exercise before breakfast, were able to burn body fat more than 20 percent, rather than people who exercise after breakfast.

In this study, the scientists sought to know the benefits of exercise after an overnight fast, which is then undermined by increased appetite and consume more food during the day.

A team from the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, England, asked 12 men active as a participant to exercise treadmill 10:00 am, well after breakfast or in a state of fasting and have not eaten since the night before.

After training, all participants were given a recovery drink chocolate milkshake. Later in the day, participants were given a pasta lunch and asked to eat until they feel “very full.”

Then, the energy consumption of lunch and their fat, assessed and calculated, to take into account the amount of energy and fat burned during the morning.

The researchers, led by Emma Stevenson and Javier Gonzalez, found that people who exercise in the morning carrying not consume extra calories or increased appetite during the day to compensate for their previous activities.

Not only that, the researchers also found that people who exercise in the fasted state managed to burn fat more than 20 percent compared to those who ate breakfast before exercising.

The researchers concluded that exercise on an empty stomach is able to provide the most effective results in burning fat.

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