Chickpea, Menu compulsory, for Diets

Chickpea, Menu compulsory, for DietsTo Diet – Chickpea, Menu compulsory, for Diets. Beans chickpea is rarely heard in the ears of the people of West. Kind of nuts this one turned out to have a protein content which is good for your health. In addition, nuts can also be one of your diets.

Chickpea has a shape similar to walnut, with a light yellow color and usually served dry or in cans. In 2010, a study was conducted to test the ability of nuts to lower food intake of 42 participants during the 12-week study. The same participants were then asked to follow their usual diet for a few weeks. Results showed that participants claim a higher level of satiety after eating chickpeas, as reported by Healthmeup.

Due to its high fiber content, chickpeas can be a weight-loss diet that makes people feels full for a long time because of its high fiber. In addition to losing weight, chickpeas also help reduce heart disease. Research has shown that low levels of fat chickpeas can lower bad cholesterol and total cholesterol levels.

Chickpea contains high quality protein and is a good source of folic acid, manganese, iron, copper, magnesium and molybdenum. Vegetarians can mix chickpeas with rice or whole grains to get a healthy amount of protein.


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