‘Double Fat’, Jacobson Got Weight 252 Kg and 31 Kg Tumor

To Diet – ‘Double Fat’, Jacobson Got Weight 252 Kg and 31 Kg Tumor. 

Jacobson, Got Weight 252 Kg , 31 Kg TumorBesides having a very fat body, Scot Jacobson also got tumor weighing 31 kg in his stomach. Now he has a total weight: 252 kg.

So big, he calls to the tumor with name ‘Wilson’. But in recent months, the father of 8 children will be facing two risky surgery, gastric bypass to lose weight and surgery to remove the tumor as big as volleyball.

Previously, Jacobson had undergone gastric bypass surgery. Unfortunately, the surgeon had to cancel the operation for fear he would bleed to death.

“It’s hard to get excited again. I fear the same result may occur,” said Scot Jacobson, as reported by Huffingtonpost, Thursday (02/07/2013).

Jacobson, who is a social worker from Pendleton, Oregon, said his body was heavy throughout life, although it has undergone the most rigorous diet.

But last year, a doctor found no thyroid cancer grows in the body Jacobson. Lucky, the gland was removed in September. However, the tumor appeared a few months later.

According to the National Cancer Institute, obesity is associated with a greater risk of thyroid cancer. On the other hand, some types of thyroid disease can cause weight gain.

Jacobson, who still works 40 hours a week, said he is free of cancer because of growing tumors are not malignant, but the large size makes it dangerous. Before he could remove the tumor, Jacobson first needs to undergo gastric bypass surgery cuts.

“Of course, there could be something wrong during the surgery and I could die. But doing nothing would be more or less shut down,” he explained.

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