Drinking Warm Water & Lemon in the Morning Helps Lose Weight

To Diet – If you want to lose weight, try drinking a cup of warm water mixture and lemon juice in the morning. Not only helps to increase metabolism, vitamin content of the lemon will also keep you fresh throughout the day.

Nutritionist and author of ‘Fat Flush for Life’, Ann Louise Gittleman, recommend to replace the habit of drinking coffee with a glass of warm water and lemon mixture in the morning. To Diet – This combination has many benefits for the body, including to help you lose weight, stay hydrated throughout the day, increase metabolism and increase your intake of vitamin C, as reported by Livestrong.

Warm water and lemon is a perfect combination for the morning. Water helps the body to remain hydrated. The body will store more fat when you are dehydrated because of kidney needs help from the liver to function in those conditions. It can inhibit the liver’s ability to burn fat. To Diet – Water is also a natural appetite suppressant.

In addition, drinking lemon juice in the morning can stimulate digestion. This in turn will increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Lack of uptake of nutrients can cause you to quickly hungry, even when you are finished eating.

According to Gittleman, lemon water can also clean the palate. In the body, lemon water also helps to gently wash the kidneys. To Diet – Lemon helps cleanse the lymphatic system, as well as other systems that eliminate toxins from the body. Lemon can help reduce cellulite because this fruit can stimulate blood flow to the skin and helps the body to dispose of waste. To Diet – “Lemon also increase your body’s ability to metabolize fat,” said Gittleman.

Not only that, lemon juice also provides vitamin C in high amounts. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one of lemon to give 30.7 mg of vitamin C. The recommended daily amount for women is 75 mg and 90 mg for men.

People who consume more vitamin C have more efficient digestive system than those with no or little consumption of vitamin C. To Diet – Lemon also increase the acidity of the digestive system, which helps you better absorb calcium. Absorption of calcium help you lose weight because calcium stored in fat cells. The more calcium in fat cells, it is increasingly easy to stimulate the fat burning.

Vitamin C also boosts the immune system, helps prevent coronary heart disease and lower the risk of stroke, cataracts and uric acid. According to Oregon State University, this vitamin is also an antioxidant that may help lower the risk of cancer if consumed over fresh fruit – To Diet.

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