5 Food looks Fatty Healthy

Food looks Fatty HealthyTo Diet – Food looks Fatty Healthy. Many women are excited to diet constantly. However, sometimes women forget about their diets and feeling guilty afterwards. Actually, there are some foods that seem fatty, but it was healthy for the body.

Reduce your stress about unhealthy foods and find 5 foods that seem fatty but well enough to be consumed as quoted Magforwomen on Tuesday (02/12/2013).

Below are 5 Food looks Fatty Healthy you need to know

1. Chocolate


The downside of most women is chocolate. Women and the chocolate has an unusual relationship, on the one hand weak woman when she saw brown, on the other hand women get a warning signal in the brain to not touch it because it can add weight.

It has been scientifically proven that eating a piece or two pieces of dark chocolate (dark chocolate) every day, to protect you against the possibility of heart problems by reducing inflammation of blood, and had a stroke.

2. Eggs

People often misunderstand that eggs are high in protein, but with a high protein can be good for body builders.

Eggs are packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein. If you suffer from heart problems, eating only the egg white will work wonders for you to maintain your weight. However, people who do not have such problems should consumed 2 eggs a day for a healthy and balanced diet overall.

3. Potato

Carbohydrates and starches are to be part of the 5 important and essential nutrients needed by the body. Just because the heat fried, potatoes not prove unhealthy, if it is rich in fiber and provide energy for your body.

4. Avocado

Avocado has been widely misunderstood since long. People feel high fat content of avocados and it makes people want to eat them.

First, it is a fruit and a vegetable that does not like the circulation of misunderstanding. And second, avocado instead of unhealthy foods because it comes with a variety of healthy nutrients with vitamins.

5. Red meat

Iron, protein, zinc, vitamin B-12 and many other nutrients those are present in red meat. It is assumed not healthy for its contributions to the making of high cholesterol that leads to heart problems.

If you eat red meat in limited quantities, not every day, but that as an alternative to daily, it can act as an asset to your body.


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