Gym 4 times a week, why my Weight Not Ideal?

To Diet – Gym 4 times a week, why my Weight Not Ideal?Gym 4 times a week, why my Weight Not Ideal? 

I Kurniawan, age 21. I want to ask about body building program. I’ve been exercising regularly 4x a week but my weight never ideal. How is the correct body building program? Thank you.

Kurniawan (Single Male, 21 Years),

Height 179 cm and weight 90 Kg



In fitness, we have two major components to weight loss. The first component is FAT. The second component is PURE WEIGHT. Pure Weight itself is divided into four main contributors, namely: water, bones, organs, and muscles.

Clearly, Weight Loss Total (on the scales) consisting of:

1. Fat Weight

2. Pure Weight (Water, Organ, Bone, Muscle)

In between these two components (pure fat and weight), which want to be dropped? And which are to be maintained or improved? The answer to both these questions objectively will lead us to a way / approach to exercise.

If Kurniawan want weight gain. In this case, it will be assumed that we have an agreement that is to be increased levels of muscle. Because in addition to an increase in the positive form, improving muscle levels also improve the functioning of the body’s movement, health, and we look simultaneously.

In this effort to increase the levels of muscle are muscle toning exercises or more popularly known as training with weights. But that does not mean other sports activities such as aerobics are abandoned. Aerobics is also necessary to increase the strength of the heart, get fat burning during exercise, and maintain healthy lungs.

Actually, to lower the weight, or more appropriately called lowering the fat content, the approach is the same. Second activity (strength training and aerobic exercise) is also necessary. If you want to improve the composition of muscle, then a little more weight training than aerobic exercise. As for lowering the fat composition, it is a bit more aerobic exercise than weight training.


Another deciding factor is just as important (and perhaps more importantly!) Is a factor of dietary adjustments (diet). For best results and maximum healthy, follow these steps:

  • Replace the portion of rice used to be a portion of vegetables now.
  • Change servings of vegetables used to be a portion of bread now.
  • Reduce fried foods, sugary drinks, milk, butter, and flour.
  • Maximum Limit 2-3 serving of fruit per day.
  • Keep your protein intake to remain stable (the size of the palm side first at each meal).
  • Eat more often, at least 3 times a day, if you can add 1-3 times a healthy snack or one meal again.


Good luck.

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