Healthy Chicken Diet Recipes Tips

Chicken diet recipes, diet recipes,diet mealsHealthy Chicken Diet Recipes Tips

Chicken diet recipes is one of protein source that is really needed by the human’s body and of course it can be ideal addition for most of diet meals. Low in calories and fat certainly inexpensive, it’s good cold or hot in any seasons. Of course, you can short on time in the evening, can cook it in a specific pot along day or creating a fast stir fry and summers will not be vary without grilling and salads.

See the healthy chicken diet recipes tips below

 Slow cooker Mexican chicken diet recipes

Layer 4 skinless and boneless chicken breasts in the slow cooker, add each with little sodium taco seasonings. And then pour half of a jar of the favorite salsa over the breasts, cover it and cook on low for approximately 12 hours. Once before serving, stir in a half cup of fat free sour cream or low fat and improve the heat to high for 15 minutes to make it thicken. Well, serve the breasts and its sauce with shredded and Mexican rice on tortillas. Diet Recipes

Chicken stir fry diet recipes

Cube two skinless boneless chicken breasts and try to stir of fry in a wok till cooked thoroughly. Give three cups of chopped vegetables as favorite as you want such as pea pods, peppers, celery and onion. Season all to give more taste with teriyaki sauce and soy sauce. Cook till the vegetables are tender but still feel crisp. Serve over white or brown rice. Diet Recipes.

Chicken Chef Salad diet recipes

Start by using the simply romaine leaves and favorite lettuce mixture. Top with chopped green and red peppers, cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and also a chopped cold chicken breast, dried cherries plus walnuts. Serve this type of salad with crusty rolls. We hope that the healthy chicken diet recipes above can be made at home by your self. Prepare the materials and let’s cook diet recipesDiet Recipes.

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