Healthy Food For Breastfeeding

To Diet – Healthy Food For Breastfeeding. Every mother who gave birth to her baby is expected to remain good body condition, healthy, and attractive, so that she can care for her baby well, too. Mom was hoping to breastfeed their babies as much and as long as possible. In this case the food and nutrition play an important role.

Conversely, if the pregnant mother at the time of uncontrolled overeating (due to the appetite of pregnant women, especially after the 2nd quarter) increased maternal weight and become obese mothers. It will increase again in the period of breastfeeding, because after a mother breastfeeding her baby was hungry and eat. When a day 6 times lactation, eating becomes 6 times a day. To Diet – This is where the mother would be wise to select and arrange the food to always be able to serve a balanced diet in order to maintain an ideal weight for mothers to breastfeed and to breastfeed as much as possible (recommended up to 2 years).

During 0-6 months of breastfeeding, a mother (with a weight about 54 kg and height 156 cm and has activities currently) requires 2950 calories and 64 grams of protein substances. This amount is reduced to 2750 calories and 60 grams of protein substances in the 7-12 months of breastfeeding (Dr. Muhilai et al, Nutritional Adequacy of the recommended rate).

To Diet – In addition to calories and protein, is required also other substances such as Vitamins A, B, B12, calcium, iron, and others. The need is greater than the needs of ordinary adults.

For the daily menu, breastfeeding mothers could hold on to the guidelines 4 5 perfectly healthy and balanced. Because some nutrients have a mutual beneficial or detrimental influence, it should be in compiling the menu with a variety of foodstuffs. To Diet – Breastfeeding mothers can eat anything, no restrictions. But smoking, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea should not be presented because the two materials have a negative influence on iron absorption.

Breastfeeding mothers usually eat 6 times a day according to the frequency of breastfeeding the baby, because after every feeding hungry. In addition to eating enough, are also suggested many nutritious drink that can affect milk production. To Diet – Eg vegetables with lots of vegetable juices like tamarind leaves and purple beans, fruit juice, green beans, pureed green beans, bean soup, full cream milk or nonfat / skim milk, soy milk, traditional drinks such as kencur rice, turmeric, tamarind.

Sample daily menu for nursing mothers

Morning ==> milk 1 cup (200 cc)

08.00 ==> rice (100 g), pecel vegetables (100 grams), stew meat (30 grams), fried tempeh or bacem (50 grams).

11:00 ==> fresh red bean soup (25 grams), plus chicken (15 grams), and carrots (50 grams).

To Diet – Hours 13:30 ==> rice (200 grams), Pepes fish (75 grams), cassava leaves (25 grams), grilled chicken Kalasan (50 grams), sweet, marinated tofu (50 grams), vegetable leaf nodes katuk, squash (150 grams) and 100 grams of fruit according to season.

16.00 ==> fruit salad (150 grams) or fruit salad (150 grams), drinking water pea.

19.00 ==> Rice (200 grams), satay chicken liver (50 grams), chicken (25 grams), tempeh seasoning dazed (50 grams), cah various vegetables (100 grams), and fruit according to season.

Hours 22:00 ==> milk 1 cup (200 cc) To Diet -

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