Healthy Slim With HCG Diet

Healthy Slim, HCG Diet, hcgHealthy Slim With HCG Diet

‘ve never heard before, about the HCG and HCG diet? Hell is HCG? Dizziness, if definitely read the full explanation.

Hormone HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) is a glycoprotein hormone family that was originally synthesized by gonadotropin human embryo, and then followed by the syncytiotrophoblast, part of the placenta during pregnancy.

Both are trophoblastic cells that stimulate the secretion of steroids from the ovary to the womb stability. This is simply the hormones during pregnancy.

So what is HCG diet?

Among the many types of diets, HCG diet is one of them. This diet was originally developed by Dr. Simeon of England. He believes that there is a hormone in a pregnant woman had been able to help reduce obesity.

The HCG Diet will first get rid of the excess fats and improve metabolism. However, after the successful obesity reduction programs, of course there should be a subsequent diet. Well HCG diet is back in play there.

HCG Diet in addition to be given in the form of injections, there is also the form of drops (HCG drops). Even Diet Dr. Simone’s, it even tells his patients to eat and drink good, eat fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and chicken as well. Make a vegetarian is also a particular menu.

Diet success depends on how we comply with the diet plan and consume as required.

Even so, it’s good to also pay attention to other tips combaine with HCG diet:

1. Reproduce as well as a diet drink. Often thirst is mistaken (perceived to be exact) as hungry. Hence we are snacking often. Well with drinking water, this will reduce excessive snacking.

2. Dining set distance.

3. Arrange the food menu. We must know what should and should not be eaten.

Good luck HCG Diet

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