How to Healthy Eating, Food High Cholesterol

Because it’s delicious, it’s very difficult to avoid eating fatty foods in the daily schedule. But how does that we can still enjoy these foods without fear of danger cholesterol?

According to nutritionists who is also a Clinical Lecturer at the College of Health Sciences, Esti, S.Gz Dietisien , adult daily requirement of fat about 25 percent of the total energy , or about 55 grams of 2,000 calories .

“Saturated fat should be less than 10 percent of total calories or a maximum of 20 grams. The rest is unsaturated fat, “said Este .

Just for info, a lot of saturated fat found in animal fats. While unsaturated, there are the nuts, seeds, corn, olive or fish.

Esti said, the daily consumption of fried rice just fat content to 6.2 grams of fat . Not to mention the fried egg cholesterol content reached 200 mg. “In fact, the recommended maximum daily intake of cholesterol is 300 mg. This means that already close to maximum. While we are not only intake of eggs, “he said.

Therefore, further Esti, adults should consume fried eggs only three times a week. “If you want to eat frequently, do not eat egg yolks, just whites only. Therefore, egg yolks contain high cholesterol, “said Nutrisionist of UGM.

Sources of high cholesterol are also found in the brains of cattle, shrimp, offal such as kidneys, liver, beef and chicken liver, and seafood.

What are the dangers of high cholesterol foods?

“Obviously it harms our bodies, “said Esti. He said, “It could cause a buildup in the blood vessels to inhibit blood circulation to the heart or brain resulting in a stroke.”

Nevertheless, he hoped that was not too concerned with food intake, which may make it stressful. Because, every food consumption, no signatures.

“For example, if we are forced to eat foods high in cholesterol, followed by high fiber foods because it binds cholesterol, “he added, can also consume beverages containing Stanols Plant Ester (PSE ) that can bind cholesterol .

More importantly, he said, the daily intake should be balanced. Although the consumption of cholesterol a bit , but the minimal intake of fiber foods , even unhealthy, because cholesterol is still circulating in the body.

So what if love eating kebabs or grilled meat can cause cancer?

According to Esti , protein if burned , nature is different , there is much less carbon . “Carbon sticks to the meat, until nature become free radicals and can lead to cancer , ” said Esti.

Therefore, if fond of eating meat skewers or burned, must eat lots of foods high in antioxidants let me balanced. “So even if there are the free radicals, but antioxidants there. All that we consume, there are signatures, “said Esti.

Antioxidants can be obtained from orange juice, grape juice, or dragon fruit. However, he said, making juices preferably without sugar or if forced to wear a bit course, given the sugar can trigger free radicals.

Portion of these antioxidants have a lot in order to balance the free radicals that emerged from earlier burnt food. If lazy to make juice, the fruit can be eaten directly. Consumption of fresh fruit directly its better because the nutritional content intact.

More simply, Esti give a tip , preferably the day you eat up to five meals containing oil or fat . Certainly be aware of portion. Animal fat eats three times a week. While the fish safe to eat every day.

“Or any consumption of fatty foods with high-fiber foods swatch, could also morning oatmeal for fiber consumption good, “he said.

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