I Already Eat, Why Hungry Again?

ToDiet.com – I Already Eat, Why Hungry Again? Sure, eating is a routine that should not be missed under any circumstances. However, passions unbridled eating can also be harmful to the body, such as weight gain.

Find out what causes the desire to eat unusual portions than normal, as reported in Men’s Health (28/1).

Most drinking soda. Sugary drinks, like soda, tea or other usually added fructose in the making. Fructose is a type of sugar that can increase a person’s appetite.

Research from University of California at San Francisco suggests fructose can trick the brain into a tendency to eat too much even though the stomach is full. “Fructose works by inhibiting the body’s ability to use leptin, the satiety hormone that tells us that we have enough to eat,” explains the researcher.

Frequency of eating canned food. Food cans are practical. Unfortunately, according to researchers at Harvard Univerity, canned food has containing the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA), which can also cause a surge in leptin levels in the body, which triggers the desire to eat constantly and obesity.

Breakfast in small portions. Most people adopt it in order to maintain the body shape. However, researchers found people who only eat 300 calories at breakfast are more prone to weight gain than doubled their breakfast of 500 calories.

The reason? Breakfast in the portion is pretty much even helped raise blood sugar and insulin are slowly throughout the day. That means helping you to rarely snack before lunch.

Not fond of salads. Vegetables are a source of folate and B vitamins that help protect themselves against depression, fatigue and weight gain.

Research shows that high levels of folate in the body help a person 8.5 times the weight loss. Green vegetables also contain vitamin K and other nutrients, so that appetite can be controlled.

Whatever the food, drink black tea. When finished eating or eat lunch, drink a cup of hot black tea. In the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people who drank one cup of black tea after eating high carbohydrate foods showed a decrease in blood sugar levels as much as 10 percent for 2 hours after eating.

That is, this condition helps you to feel full longer and keep it tends to get interested in finding a snack. Polyphenolic compounds in black tea a hero.

Dehydration. Dehydrate the body that can trigger hunger. So, if you’ve just finished eating and still feel hungry, drink lots of water. Then, see if the desire to eat again had been reduced.

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