Want Healthier Until Old? Apply Okinawa Food Pyramid

Okinawa Food PyramidTo Diet – Want Healthier Until Old? Apply Okinawa Food PyramidHealthy into old age, independent, happy, without troubling anyone else is everybody’s dream. Your diseases will jail your activity.

For healthy throughout life, we must maintain the pattern. Is eating balanced diet, drinking, resting, and of course, regular exercise. What we eat, it is what happens to us.

Okinawa Food Pyramid

If we want to be healthy, there’s no harm in cheating intake of food and beverage in Okinawa, Japan. With this pattern, elderly people of Okinawa who still looks healthy and fit. Here’s Okinawa Food Pyramid.

* A minimum of eight glasses of water a day. Limit drinking tea (one – two cups) and coffee because it is a diuretic (causing frequent urination).

* Consumption of calcium, vitamin D, B12 (dairy, seafood).

* Consumption of complex carbohydrates (brown rice, wheat).

* Increase fiber meal (nuts, fruits, vegetables).

* The consumption of high fat and protein: MUFA, PUFA, linoleic acid (Omega 3), Linoleic Acid (Omega 6), and low in cholesterol.

“Increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, than red meat, butter, or sweet foods,” says Nila.

Want Healthier Until Old? Apply Okinawa Food Pyramid | doctor | 4.5

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