Seven Reasons Not Need to Diet

Seven Reasons , Not Need to DietTo Diet – Seven Reasons Not Need to Diet. Women in general have always longed for a slimmer body and ideal. Not infrequently, women to be willing to get their diet torturous fantastic body.

According to the study, excessive dieting, though fruitless, sometimes even causing new health problems. Therefore, rather than torture yourself, wasting time and effort and cost, it would be better if you are not on a diet. But, of course you have to have a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced nutritious diet and exercise diligently. When this is done, a slim body ideal is yours.

Talking about a diet, you should first know the devastating impact that could be caused. Thus, this negative effect does not happen to you someday, quoted from Shine:

1. Malnutrition

Sometimes diet encourages someone to do extreme things, such as avoiding food groups that really needed the body, such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

You do not have to avoid it, otherwise it is quite limiting intake to keep your body in balance. Avoiding main meals will only cause someone prone to problems of malnutrition.


2. Unsustainable behavior


Forcing yourself eat less, it can lose weight fast. But it can make you hungry. This condition can encourage you to be tempted back to eating a lot. At the end of your weight goes up again.

What to do? Change the mindset of healthy eating as a lifestyle, not a diet. This will help you lose excess weight while maintaining weight.


3. Could do the extreme

When you lose weight with extreme way, in the end, you are going to have an extreme desire anyway. One day you can have “very good” a diet, and next “very bad.” You may have heard this called the “yo-yo dieting.”

It would be better if you apply the philosophy of moderation. Enjoy the food you get and set a healthy diet.

4. Lack of energy

Dramatically reduce your calorie intake will cause you get tired so unproductive. Instead, you have to understand about healthy lifestyles by providing healthy food anyway. So, what’s the point if your sexy bodies go limp?

5. Activity

To lose weight, you are advised to stay well fed. Diet does not mean have to run a marathon to burn calories, because, you actually have enough to live actively. With so many calories you can burn. Furthermore while increasing metabolism.

How to keep you active, can try to avoid the elevator at the office, taking the stairs instead manually. This will help you get the sweat from burning calories.

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