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Slim Without DietTo Diet – Slim Without Diet. Using a big bag, big sunglasses was not just fashion, but the style was chosen because it is believed to make women look thinner.

It seems that some women were asked, the answer would be the same if most women would love to look slimmer and will do anything for the trim.

A study showed that two-thirds of women would like to lose weight but do not have time for dieting. Therefore, women using some tricks like using a black dress, big sunglasses and carrying a large bag to make it look more slender.

Some other tricks are the mainstay of women using long boss to cover the fat, and pants are a little tight. Approximately 90% of women according to research are using some of these tricks.

The results of the study also looked at four out of ten women said that their own sewing clothes to fit her shape. While others are choose to use makeup and fashion technique, rather than spending money to diet.

Marisota revealed that 11% of women use make-up is the expertise to attract people’s attention than her. This trick is also being adapted by some Hollywood celebrities.

As the fashion store ‘big’ is also practiced by Victoria Beckham who was caught on camera using large glasses, a great coat, and great accessories.

Here’s a trick of Slim Without Diet that you might try to make you slimmer:

1. Wearing black clothes

2. Long garments cover the stomach and knees

3. Wearing high heels

4. Stand up straight

5. Wearing a padded bra to make your breasts look bigger and the waist look smaller

6. Wearing a big bag

7. Using horizontal striped clothes

8. Wearing the belt

9. Wearing high-waisted jeans or tight pants

10. Hang out with friends who are fatter than you

11. Lift off your hair to make you look taller

12. Wearing large sunglasses to make your face look smaller



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