Tips Shrinking Stomach After Childbirth

To Diet – Tips Shrinking Stomach After Childbirth. Body changes will occur during a woman conceive. Chest, abdomen and pelvis will be even greater. It’s a natural thing. However, after birth, have tried to be a saggy tummy can be re-lean. So it remains attractive appearance. How do I?

In the tradition of Javanese people, usually young mothers who just gave birth diligently taking herbs to restore its condition. Kencur Rice is one of the natural ingredients that can be formulated alone to cope with a saggy stomach or uterus. So back to singset as before pregnancy.

Even if you diligently take kencur rice, other than the uterus will shrink also reduce the likelihood of infection in the womb. To Diet – To mix these ingredients, provide 3 tablespoons of rice, a large piece of ginger, turmeric small, 125 grams brown sugar, 1 tablespoon tamarind, salt, lemon juice 1 egg and a bit of pandan leaves.

At first the rice soaked 3 hours duration. Sugar, turmeric, tamarind, ginger and pandan leaves boiled in 3 cups water, then filtered. Powder, ginger, and turmeric (which was taken after boiling), rolled with rice. Boiling water was fine after a little mixed on the spice mill earlier. To Diet – Strain with a clean cloth. Finally, squeeze lemon juice and salt to taste bubuhi. If it is less sweet add sugar.
Ready to drink the potion. You should drink it regularly and diligently so that the condition of the body will return to normal. Mix your own concoction that is more healthy than its effect is also more powerful. Because it is still natural chemicals are not mixed.

In connection with the problem of the uterus. If you have frequent symptoms of excessive urination. Suppose that during laughter, coughing or sneezing suddenly came out wet my pants. If these symptoms are followed by discomfort in between the legs, chances are your uterus degenerate. To Diet – Due to the weakening of muscles and ligaments supporting the uterus. Or it could be a disorder that is the inequality of pressure which resulted in the weakening of pelvic muscles leak urine whenever the bladder pressure.

To prevent this you can do gymnastics. First tighten the muscles around the vagina upward and inward until it stops the flow of urine. Then hold this position until the count of 6. Further let the urine flow again, and count to the count of six as well. Lastly, hold again until the count of six before spending the urine until the bladder is completely empty – To Diet.

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