Two points compulsory Guide to Diet

Guide to Diet, Changes in Lifestyle ,Diet ProperlyTo Diet – Two points compulsory Guide to Diet. Many find it difficult to diet because of fear gained weight exceeds weight loss. In order not to experience it, the following two key should be practiced.

There is a lot of info that says that people, who lose weight in a short time, will easily gain weight back. But apparently this is not entirely true.

“Weight loss has increased it depends on how that person lives his life after losing weight. For example, if in a week you can lose weight up to 4 kg, but the next week you cannot manage your diet, then of course the weight will go up very quickly as well. This is in contrast to those who lose a few pounds but can keep his diet, then they can control the ideal body weight, “said Elisa Halim, M.Sc.Food Science, a nutrition expert, when found Nutrifood Open House event on Monday, January 28, 2013.

Guide to Diet

Changes in Lifestyle and Diet Properly, Elisa recognized as two key so that those who want to get the ideal weight can control their weight quickly in order not to go back up.

“It’s important to change your lifestyle and Diet Properly, because this is enough to affect the increase in weight. Sports and balanced nutrition will be the perfect complement to your ideal body weight, “Elisa closed.

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