Want to Diet? Eat Fruit before Eating

Want to Diet, Eat Fruit before EatingTo Diet – Want to Diet? Eat Fruit before Eating. Fruit: dessert or appetizer? For many people in Indonesia, the fruit is often positioned as a dessert is eaten after eating a heavy meal or a main dish, but in fact far better if fruit consumed earlier.

In principle indeed, says nutritionist Natalie Christine, is a complementary fruit in the diet. Want to eat before or after, the fruit still provide health benefits.

“If fruits consumed after a meal (main) it’s real well too. Because the water content in the fruit to cleanse the digestive tract, from the mouth, throat, up the gut,” She said.

However, Christine reminded, if after eating so the choice of time to eat fruits, certainly cannot be done. Because momentum is a good three hours after the main meal completely enter the stomach.

This is done with the purpose of emptying the stomach first. In addition, in order to have entered the food that can be digested properly, because the function of the fruit when it is cleaning the digestive tract.

Growing in Indonesia, recognized Christine, is putting fruit as a dessert. A lot of people just eat fruit after a big meal. How did it happen? “Actually, just the thought of the people first,” She said.

Regarding call it as a dessert, Christine said, ‘seal’ because it is attached to the water content in the fruit is quite high.

But he admitted, although consumed after a meal, the incoming fruit will not give any negative effect. Unless, of course, create added fullness.

He suggested the fruit should be consumed before the main meal, not after. The reason, the content of nutrients in the fruit can be absorbed by the body more optimally. “It’s also great for people who are on a diet,” She said.

Christine added, if taken in the morning, the results would be very good, which can increase blood sugar levels. So shortly after waking up, it’s a very good time to eat fruit. “Because at that time the stomach is empty,” said Christine, giving reasons.

For him, all fruits can be consumed and a good influence on health. There are no time restrictions, can be consumed anytime.

Christine just reminds servings of fruit consumed. If you want to complete, fruit consumed each day should consist of five types. Each one of kind fruits just 100 grams.

“Wait 15 minutes, after that we’ve been able to consume the main menu (meal),” She explained.

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